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OPPO and Ericsson teams up for the 5G era


OPPO and Ericsson has just signed a multi-year global patent license agreement, which will allow OPPO, one of the biggest smartphone manufacturer, to use some of the latter’s 5G technology for their future smartphones, and vice versa.

As you all know, the 5G era is almost upon us. Some of our local internet service providers here in the Philippines have started putting up 5G cell sites in select locations.

And as this new wireless technology develops, we expect mobile makers to come up with smartphones that will accommodate this latest feat. Which is why OPPO and Ericsson teamed up to ensure that they’ll be able to cope up with the market’s needs.

As per Adler Feng, OPPO Intellectual Property Department head, this initial agreement will be a solid foundation for the two companies’ more collaborations in the future. Since 2014, OPPO has already filed 33,000 patents and currently owns 8,000 granted ones.


Ericsson has already signed more than 100 patent license agreements with different companies. And with this new and equally beneficial agreement, the company expects to even widen their portfolio with the help of OPPO.

This license agreement proves that OPPO respects other company’s technologies. Besides Ericsson, OPPO has already teamed up with Dolby, Nokia, and Qualcomm — which allowed them to come up with even better products for today, and for the future.


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