Ransomware is a cybersecurity issue that has been more pronounced in recent years, which particularly targets enterprises by taking their important data hostage in exchange for money. A latest study by Kaspersky shows a striking finding by suggesting that every two in three businesses in Southeast Asia have been victims of the dreaded cybersecurity threat.

In a survey encompassing 900 respondents, which comprise of senior non-IT management, business owners, or business partners, from across all major continents, 100 nations of which hailing from SEA, the global cybersecurity company gathered pertinent data on the subject and whose results it published in the research “How business executives perceive ransomware threat.”


Per the study, it discovered that 67 percent of enterprises within the Southeast Asian region had been afflicted with ransomware. Half of these numbers (34 percent) also admitted to having had encountered the same case more than just once, while the rest reported to having only been a victim once.

But the most staggering about the research is the notion of how the victims were willing to pay the ransom as 82.1 percent of them claim to have paid money after getting the ransomware.

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