Converge ICT just introduced a new service called XCLSV for its subscribers who want a more premium experience.

With Converge XCLSV, subscribers can have a premium service experience by having more personalized internet customer support. To achieve this, the telco has created a dedicated support team just to cater to the needs of its XCLSV customers.



Other perks for XCLSV customers are being on priority lanes at major business centers in the Philippines, same-day on-site repairs for tech-related concerns, quarterly service/account checks, and free delivery of add-on services.

Subscribers can also enjoy personalized direct email and dedicated hotlines that only they can use.

Converge XCLSV perks and benefits

  • Priority lane on business centers
  • Exclusive hotline
  • Dedicated email support
  • Geek squad assistance
  • Proactive service check
  • Fast installation
  • Quick repair and service restoration
  • Exclusive events

So, how can you avail the Converge XCLSV service? It’s actually quite simple as current and existing FIberX Plan 3500 and up subscribers are automatically included in this special benefit. No need to sign up.

Existing users of lower plans can also upgrade to the higher tier to get this exclusive service.

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