The growing number of small businesses didn’t stop even after the pandemic mellowed down. Local ISP Converge ISP seems to recognize that with the release of their latest HomeBase plans.

For the Converge HomeBase plans, the goal is to provide business-level internet speeds for home-based businesses. This plan should be great for those who do live selling, streaming, and other ventures that entrepreneurs want to dabble in — whether it’s in retail, food, service, and more.


These plans should also help power small businesses’ daily operations, office application requirements, and online transactions. Whether you are an aspiring CEO or freelancer, these plans should be handy.

List of Converge HomeBase plans

HomeBase Plan 1500up to 100Mbps

*80Mbps average speed
30Mbps minimum speed
80% service reliability
HomeBase Plan 1899up to 150Mbps

*120Mbps average speed
45Mbps minimum speed
80% service reliability

Remember that the HomeBase plans come with a 24-month lock-in period. Converge is also giving dynamic IP addresses for all HomeBase packages.

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For the installation fee, you can do one-time payment of Php2,500 or a staggered payment of Php3,000. No security deposit is required.

The application requirements for Converge’s HomeBase plans include:

  • A government-issued ID with 3 specimen signature
  • PRC license (if applicable)
  • Barangay business clearance
  • Proof of business establishment
  • Proof of business through a screenshot of an e-commerce business or profile page (for e-commerce businesses)

Converge brags that its service doesn’t have a data cap, uses an end-to-end fiber network, has a hassle-free installation process, and more importantly, the most affordable in the market.

To apply, you can visit Converge ICT’s website at

At the bottom of the web page, fill up the application form with your basic details, company name, position or designation, and the industry you are in.

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