In a fight against harmful products, the e-commerce platform Shopee Philippines claimed that it was taking preventative measures against products that do not comply with its safety guidelines—one, in particular, products that are known to contain harmful levels of mercury in them.

The statement comes following allegations from the EcoWaste Coalition saying that the platform enables the sale of potentially harmful skincare products, said to have mercury.

EcoWaste Coalition is a non-governmental group that advocates for the removal of toxic substances from cosmetic and skincare products. In response to the claim, Shopee made a statement to The Manila Times, saying that it “prioritizes the safety and well-being of its users.”

Highlighting its proactive approach to the prohibition of dangerous items, Shopee said that it puts significant effort into preventing the listing of such items via manual and automated means.

For instance, blacklisting certain keywords associated with products that are identified to have toxic levels of mercury.

Reiterating its safety claim, Shopee guarantees the public that it has “screening measures and regularly monitors and takes down products that violate its rules.” Specifically, Shopee claims to have “tracker teams” in place that regularly provide updates on the list of Food and Drug Authority (FDA)-warned commodities.

Aside from having a group of people who add to the roster of risky products, Shopee also employs a dedicated group of individuals who sweep through the entire roster and make sure that blacklisted products are removed, especially government-warned ones.

Not just Shopee, but also Lazada appears to be the target of the complaint in June, too, as EcoWaste Coalition called for the cessation of the sale of skincare and lightening solutions known for their high levels of mercury.

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