The UK government ordered its Competition and Market Authority to investigate the upcoming NVIDIA’s acquisition of a British company, Arm.

Back in September 2020, US-based NVIDIA announced that it would be purchasing Arm for USD40 billion. Arm is being used by big companies like Apple for its new silicon chips.

However, many have opposed the deal and have been examined by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). Now, the UK government wants to strengthen the CMA investigation over national security concerns.

Apparently, it will start with a “phase one” investigation. Hinting that more will come soon. The action is said to be headed by UK Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden.

In a statement, Dowden said that he had issued an intervention notice on national grounds after careful consideration of the proposed takeover. The UK independent competition authority will investigate and form a report which the official will use to make further decisions.

The CMA had asked concerned parties to share their thoughts about the takeover and the possible impact on the local competition. But now, they will intensify the examination of the details of the deal. The final report shall be submitted until July 30.

Via: Apple Insider

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