The Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) is joining the e-wallet game with the launch of the VYBE app, which is said to be a lifestyle app that makes digital transactions and banking easier and more rewarding.

Being the second largest bank in the Philippines, BPI said that they have 5.6 million active online users. With that, the company expects that half of that or about 3 million of their existing digital client will get on board the new VYBE e-wallet app.


VYBE is only currently available to BPI Online users. Much like GCash and Maya, it will allow users to simply scan QR codes to make cashless payments. Money transfers are also free and users can send or request cash from other VYBE users.

Since they are from the same brand, VYBE users can transfer money from their BPI accounts for free. What’s more, by doing so, clients can earn reward points when using BPI products and services. Such points can be viewed and redeemed within the VYBE app.



To lure people in, the company said that they are giving free 1,000 points as a welcome gift to those who will sign up for the new service.

Come next year, the service will also be offered to non-BPI users. Also coming in 2023 are cardless withdrawals. The app is now available for both Android users via Google Play Store an iPhones through the Apple App Store.

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