Most of Twitter’s basic functionality is free, but if you want additional features (like less adds and tweet editing), you may need to pay for them.

With the unpredictability of its new owner, Elon Musk, another change might come to the platform — Twitter could possibly charge people for using the service.

According to the Platformer, there has been discussions about going to this route. The whole social media app will not be entirely locked behind a paywall. Instead, users will be able to access Twitter for a limited amount free of charge. After that, if they wish to continue using the app, they will need to pay for it. This is kind of similar to the monetization methods used by mobile games, where there may be certain features available at no cost, but others which must be purchased.

Since Musk acquired Twitter, there’ve been many major changes to the platform. One change was an announced increase in the monthly cost of Twitter Blue from $5 per month to $8 per month. Another change is that current Twitter Verification badges (aka blue check) would no longer be free.

So far, the paywall has not been confirmed, but if true, it would change everything for Twitter.

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