Since the growth of technology, the keyboard has inevitably become a part of the upgrades and modifications that people—especially the young—have started tinkering with for various reasons.

This was possible because the computer has not only become a machine used for communication, such as sending emails to your friends or your boss at work, but also functions for playing video games, and recently, in the light of the pandemic (and its aftermath), widely for online classes or remote work setup.

Why the need for different keyboards?

Parents might ask their children in surprise and confusion, “Why do you need to purchase another keyboard when you already have several?”

Don’t fret. Not only has this become a trend in collections, especially with different kinds and mods, but for other essential reasons, such as the user’s comfort and need when choosing the keyboard to use for a particular task.

There are plenty of discussions on the differences between this or that keyboard and even more explanations focusing on terms such as switches and keycaps. Let’s jump into five budget-friendly keyboards you can find online in Lazada and Shopee.

Logitech K380


Estimate price range: Php1,200 to Php1,800

If you are not into mechanical keyboards with their flashing RGB lights or the vintage typewriter kind of keyboards but not as big as the Ajazz 308i, perhaps the Logitech K380 is something you might want to consider.

This one promises a minimalist and cozy-looking design but, at the same time, boasts impressive features such as a multi-device Bluetooth keyboard, all at just a budget-friendly price. Its compatibility with a wide range of devices makes it stand out in the list of keyboards people will see when browsing for one.

True to its simple design, typing with the Logitech K380 is quiet and comfortable, one that lives up to the kinds of users who prefer to work quietly yet productively.

Ajazz 308i


Estimated price range: Php700 to Php800

If you are looking for a keyboard that gives off the classic nostalgia of working on a typewriter from the early days (even back in the early 2000s), the Ajazz 308i is what you may be searching for.

The keyboard features an 84-key button with the familiar rounded keycaps, which give off that vintage feel. The keycaps are also semi-automatic floating, which means the typing experience is smooth, soft, and ergonomic, allowing for a more extended typing experience that doesn’t give finger fatigue even if you have to work on a project for hours.

It’s also great because this is a Bluetooth-type keyboard connection, meaning you can connect it to your tablet or mobile phone if you use it with those devices. Moreover, it comes in various colors that show your personality or mood.

Langtu GK65


Estimated price range: Php1,500 to Php1,800

For those who enjoy mechanical keyboards but at the same time want to carry the keyboard around—for example, when you are the kind of person who travels around with his laptop—then the Langtu GK65 might be a fitting keyboard for you.

Unlike the previously introduced keyboard, the Langtu GK65 has only 65 keys in total (missing the F1, F2, and so on keys). However, as also mentioned, this is akin to a portable keyboard you can easily carry compared to most mechanical gaming keyboards, which are pretty heavy.

While one of its known features as a mechanical keyboard is its RGB lights (and the 19 light patterns that come with it), two other remarkable features are its three-mod connection and its capability to be modified/customized as a hot-swappable keyboard.

The three-mod connectivity means that you may connect the keyboard through its USB cable, Type-C wireless, and Bluetooth mode. Meanwhile, its hot-swap keys mean you can easily switch the keycaps whenever necessary. It does come with a keycap puller/remover when you purchase the keyboard.

Ziyoulang CPStech K68


Estimated price range: Php1,100 to Php1,500

Another simplistic and portable mechanical keyboard for those who love to use their keyboards for productivity and gaming purposes is the K68 by Ziyoulang.

This one works with 68 keys and is a dual-mode wireless keyboard equipped with its own Bluetooth chip that promises a stable and low latency connection, allowing for smooth-going usage. Its keycaps feature double-shot injection molded keys that provide users with a comfortable feel.

This kind of key also ensures that the characters (letters, numbers) are more resistant to wear and tear over long periods of time. As a mechanical keyboard, it goes to say that the keycaps are also hot-swappable to allow users to switch keys and customize them freely as they want.

Lastly, its color variations give off that professional vibe with its color combination, but it’s also perfect for showing off its style when it comes to gaming.

Obinslab Anne Pro 2


Estimate price range: Php3,500 to Php4,800

For our final budget-friendly keyboard in this list, we’re introducing the Obinslab Anne Pro 2 with its focus not only as a keyboard for laptops but more so when it comes to mobile device needs. Unlike our other options, this one is a little bit more expensive.

The Anne Pro 2, with its sleek look for ideal work (or online school) set-ups, has excellent low-wired latency and features RGB backlighting with individually lit keys.

Handling this kind of keyboard promotes professional and productive usage and, again, can be used in entertainment, such as for gaming needs.

Good keyboard, good results

We sometimes overlook the keyboard’s power, especially when doing our tasks online, but the right keyboard that matches our comfortability could significantly affect how we produce outputs for work and studies.

It’s like wanting to purchase the right pen at a school supplies store: we want something that fits our hand and gives us comfort no matter how long we use it. Similarly, keyboards—aside from boasting cute or cool looks—should allow users to feel maximum contentment no matter their purpose.

Did you find any keyboards you might want to check out on our list above? Let us know what are your current keyboards and if there is anything we missed.

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