GMA Network, one of the prominent broadcasting networks in the Philippines, has taken a bold step by introducing AI sportscasters.

MAIA and MARCO, the AI-generated sportscasters, will be reporting on NCAA Season 99 and various local and international sports events. This move has sparked unfavorable reactions, with concerns raised about the impact on job security in the media industry.

The announcement of AI sportscasters on GMA Network’s Facebook page received negative feedback in the comments section. Many expressed disappointment that the jobs of real individuals were being replaced by AI.

The emergence of ChatGPT, an AI tool capable of analyzing vast amounts of textual data, has sparked widespread discussions about AI’s capabilities. With its ability to generate content, sectors such as education have raised concerns that students may rely too heavily on this kind of tools. ChatGPT’s implications extend beyond academia, causing alarm among various industries, including entertainment and media.

Amid all the concerns and criticism, Oliver Victor B. Amoroso, Senior Vice President and Head of Integrated News, Regional TV, and Synergy at GMA Network, emphasizes that the introduction of AI sportscasters is aimed at promoting inclusivity in reporting.

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