E-bikes have become a popular choice for individuals who enjoy cycling but also desire some additional assistance. However, the inconvenience of regularly charging e-bike batteries remains a common issue. In an exciting breakthrough, Pi-Pop has introduced the world’s first electric bike that does not rely on a traditional battery.

The concept of an e-bike without a battery may seem unconventional at first. Nonetheless, Pi-Pop has ingeniously developed an e-bike that utilizes a supercapacitor instead. This innovative supercapacitor harnesses energy generated through pedaling, braking, and riding downhill. As a result, the Pi-Pop e-bike is able to recharge itself during various activities, effectively eliminating the need for external charging.

The Pi-Pop e-bike’s remarkable design has gained considerable recognition, with the company currently shipping its third generation. The supercapacitor in the bike boasts an impressive lifespan of 10 to 15 years, offering riders a reliable mode of transportation for an extended period. Additionally, the bike is constructed using fully recyclable materials, reflecting Pi-Pop’s commitment to sustainability.


The application of supercapacitors to power transportation is not entirely new. Gravity-powered trains, for instance, rely on a similar technology to avoid battery recharging requirements. Nonetheless, the integration of this technology into an e-bike like the Pi-Pop is a significant milestone. It is conceivable that this breakthrough could pave the way for its implementation in other modes of transportation, including electric cars.

Being the first of its kind, it’s no surprise that the new Pi-Pop electric bike costs a lot of money. Its price starts at €2,450 or around $2,610.

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