Crypto miners in Ukraine have been caught using 3,800+ Sony PlayStation 4 consoles. In addition to the PS4s, the Security Service of Ukraine officials found over 500 graphics cards and 50 processors as well. 

No one really expected to see people use the PlayStation 4 for crypto mining, considering that it’s no longer that powerful even for a gaming console nowadays. But despite that, it has 8GB GDDR5 memory with 5.5Gbps on 256-bit memory bus, which can provide up to 176GB per second memory bandwidth.

It’s not too impressive compared to modern-day GPUs, but with the sheer number of PS4s they have, it could probably mine a good amount of cryptocurrency


The authorities noticed the unusually high electricity consumption in the area and investigated the cause. As it turns out, the crypto miners are using free electricity pulled from the grid.

3,800 units of PS4s cost $1.5 million in total, which is a huge investment. The report didn’t mention how much money was made using the PlayStation 4s, but considering that they cost over $400 each, it might be decent enough. There’s no way the PS4 gets more hash rate than the RX 570/580, so it probably makes less than them per unit. 

Source: SSU | Via: Tom’s Hardware

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