The Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 RGB RAM sticks have finally reached the Philippine shores and it comes in different kits and a price tag that starts at Php3,695.

A definite must-have for the PC enthusiast who is looking to either replace their old part or add to their existing memory components, the FURY Beast comes with RGB lighting and a new heat spreader design for a flashier and cleaner luminescence.

For users seeking a bit of control on their RAM’s lighting, the Infrared Sync Technology-capable RAM can be controlled via the CTRL FURY software.


Those looking to get the best out of the RAM will no longer need to resort to a risky trial-and-error as it features support for XMP 3.0 out of the box, giving users an easy solution to finding the best pre-set configuration for their system.

At 4,800MT/s that can go up to 6,000MT/s and latency in either CL38 or CL40, the Kingston FURY Beast delivers on the expected performance.

Coming in multiple variants, buyers can choose between 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB single sticks or a bundle of 2 that makes for a 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB configuration.

Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 RGB RAM pricing


  • KF552C40BBA-8 8GB — Php3,695
  • KF556C40BBA-8 8GB — Php4,215.75
  • KF552C40BBA-16 16GB — Php6,550
  • KF556C40BBA-16 16GB — Php7,392
  • KF556C40BBA-32 32GB — Php13,763.75

Kit of 2

  • KF552C40BBAK2-16 16GB — Php7,360
  • KF556C40BBAK2-16 16GB — Php8,431.50
  • KF552C40BBAK2-32 32GB — Php12,650
  • KF556C40BBAK2-32 32GB — Php14,784
  • KF556C40BBAK2-64 64GB — Php27,257.50

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