Many pre-built PCs of today consider the hard disk drive (HDD) as a major component, often as primary storage. But Microsoft is seeking to change that as it pushes for solid-state drives (SSDs) among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of Windows 11 computers.

The notion came from a recent executive brief by the data storage analyst firm Trendfocus, claiming that Microsoft, the company behind the Windows operating system, has already set deadlines for the switch to SSD from HDD for 2023.

It was a tall order, however, as said OEMs are not yet prepared to leave HDDs out of their products, pushing the established deadline to a later date.



Not only does the change to choosing more expensive hardware seem like a drastic move from a business standpoint, and forcing users to use SSD does not seem compelling enough, even among Windows 11 users.

That is, also with the Windows Subsystem for Android and DirectStorage partly being the two features that non-SSD users won’t be able to access by default—which is, technically, completely optional and not necessarily a loss to anyone.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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