Opting for higher storage when buying a new laptop or desktop is expensive and not economical. Thankfully, we have fast and reliable external drives like the new Seagate One Touch SSD.

The Seagate One Touch SSD uses an ultra-fast drive, which will not only expand your storage space but is ultra-fast enough to match the one inside your computer — or sometimes even faster. Making it useful for photo or video editing, or transferring files faster if you’re working with teams.


With the One Touch SSD, you’re getting a drive that’s easy to carry around. It’s only the size of your palm and since it uses SSD instead of a physical disk drive, it’s also super light. It’s 75mm wide, 74mm long, 10mm deep, and weighs 65g. Compared to a regular smartphone, it’s about half as short, slightly narrower, 20% thicker, and more than half lighter.

Another benefit of using SSD instead of spinning drives, especially for a portable storage device like this, is that you don’t have to worry about bumps or shakes damaging any moving parts inside.


It’s built on an ABS plastic material with a fabric surface so it’s even lightweight. There’s a tag on the top, similar to what you’d see on shirts, for extra design touch and can also be used to store the cable securely so you don’t lose it.

Standard colors include White and Black. If you want to be edgy, it also comes in a camouflage design that comes in Blue, Green, Red, and Gray. The design, while being minimalistic and unobtrusive, compliments the looks of modern laptops today.

Besides the USB port, no other big hardware feature this device has. Well, other than the simple white LED light that lets you know it’s powered and it’s reading or writing data as it blinks.

Possibly one of its biggest downsides is the old USB Type 3.0 flat port. Going with a Type-C port could make it faster and even more accessible to extra cables you might have already lying around. On the upside, it does come with a cute 20cm cable, but the other end uses the old USB A connector. It does make it compatible to more machines, especially older ones, albeit not the Type-C-only MacBooks. Thankfully, there’s a small Type-C to Type-A adapter that comes in the box.


Speaking of which, Seagate says that it has transfer speeds of 400Mbps. In our testing, the claim holds up in most circumstances, even faster. Still, the performance varies depending on the type of file or system it does the task with. The highest read speed we got was around 450Mbps, while the slowest write speeds can go as low as 120Mbps.


We tested it on a 2017 MacBook Pro base model, which only has 128GB of built-in storage, which has a fast 1TB storage like this really ideal. Such a device allows us to store video footage and images despite the laptop’s limitations.

That said, even with the file stored on this external SSD drive, we were able to edit videos on Final Cut Pro X smoothly, even without using proxies. It’s also great for photographers or videographers who need to quickly offload files from their cameras to an external drive.

There’s also the Seagate Toolkit software, which no one may ever bother to use. Albeit, it does come with an archive feature if you want to retrieve accidentally deleted files. It also has a Sync Plus feature that automatically backups the file in the user section of the laptop or computer.


So, is the Seagate One Touch SSD good? Honestly, there’s nothing much on an external drive to make it good or bad. What it has to be is fast and reliable, which this one is, and also, it should be compact so it’s easy to carry around, which it also is.

If we were to be critical, we wish Seagate went with a more standard and accessible USB Type-C port and cable instead of the old USB 3.0. But unless you lose the included cable, you should be fine. Perfect if you want file redundancy, especially on crucial projects.

Although it’s currently out of stock, the Seagate One Touch SSD 500GB is listed at the company’s Shopee site for Php6,530, while the 1TB costs Php12,857. It’s available in both Black and White once it goes back in stock. If you want to keep it clean for years, we suggest getting the dark color.

For a perspective, going with the 512GB MacBook Pro 13 already costs an extra Php12,000, while opting for the 1TB model will require you to pay an extra Php24,000. So obviously, going with the SSD route is more economical. Plus, you can also use it on other devices if you need to.

Each brand new purchase of these drives entitles you to a free Mylio subscription for a year and Adobe Photography plan for 2 months. It also comes with Seagate’s 3-year warranty.

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