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Microsoft Windows XP source code gets leaked online


Windows XP remains one of Microsoft’s greatest achievements. Despite the release of more improved Windows operating systems, like Windows 7, 8, and 10 and the software company’s official cutting of support in 2014, the now rather archaic operating system still sees use to this day. 

But it is not just the end-users who still stick with their old PCs who appear engaged with Windows XP. Recently, there have been talks about the source code for Windows XP has been released to the wild, giving access to potential hackers that could compromise the system further. 

While some claims that the leak has been going on for far longer, still the notion that the source code—the very foundation of the operating system—gets passed around the internet makes for a genuine concern, especially for the still-Windows XP users who refuse to embrace the more modern—and, arguably, more secure—technology.

Source: Wired

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