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Senator Lapid pushing for electronics donation and recycling from manufacturers, retailers


Citing concern towards the masses’ incapability to adapt to the new normal’s demand for technology-based learning, Senator Lito Lapid has proposed a bill that will impose both manufacturers and retailers to set up booths that will accept donations to be distributed to the poor as well as scraps for repurposing.

Dubbed the Electronics Donation and Recycling Program or Senate Bill No. 1846, the draft seeks to pool electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops from generous donors that can either be passed to the country’s less fortunate individuals or be recycled to make newer, more capable devices.

The senator cites people’s habit of replacing their gizmos, despite being in good working order, which only contributes to the country’s electronic waste problem. More importantly, the issue boils down to a significant number of poor people who have neither access to a mobile phone nor a computer at home.


As per Senate Bill No. 1846, any collected item through the program will be handed over to the Department of Education which, in turn, will pass the gadgets to students in need.

On the other hand, devices gathered as scraps will then be given to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for its capability to recycle electronic parts.


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