NVIDIA announced a new line of RTX GPUs. Only this time, it’s not meant for gamers. Instead, it’s for workstations and productivity laptops.

The NVIDIA RTX A5500 GPU for workstations is based on the GA102 and features 10,240 CUDA cores. The configuration is similar to the RTX 3080 Ti, albeit this one uses ECC memory, which stands for Error Correction Code.


ECC memory is best in handling tasks related to machine learning, 3D design, simulations, and more.

It then comes with a generous 24GB GDDR6 memory with ECC that can go up to 48GB if you get another one and connect them using the NVIDIA NVLink. If you have its predecessor, upgrading to this should be worth it as it offers twice the performance in ray tracing and up to 12x faster for machine learning workloads.

There’s also the NVIDIA RTX A500 mobile for laptops. Based on the GA103, this one has 7,424 CUDA cores, just about 30% lower than the desktop version. It also has half the memory with its 16GB GDDR6 VRAM sans the ECC.

Pricing for both GPUs was not mentioned but shall be available inside prebuilt machines in Q2.

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