An extortion group known as RansomHouse alleges it has in possession of hacked data from chip manufacturer AMD.

The group says it got through AMD’s network in January 2022 and extracted more than 450Gb worth of data, a sample of which has been published on the group’s website on the dark web.

According to Restore Privacy, which first reported the potential data breach, the data sample contains network files, system information, and passwords.

Restore Privacy called it a “shame” that employees from a tech giant like AMD still use simple, easy-to-guess passwords—such as “password” and “12345qwert”. Worse, these passwords could apparently give access to documents showing how significant financing is provided to the company’s cybersecurity department, and yet it somehow failed to implement tight security measures.

In a statement to Restore Privacy, AMD said it “is aware of a bad actor claiming to be in possession of stolen data” and is currently investigating the matter. The company hasn’t confirmed yet whether the stolen data is legit.

RansomHouse is a relatively new cybercrime group believed to have operated since December 2021.

Source: The Register

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