Looking for a budget-friendly but matching keyboard and mouse combo to complete your setup? Check out this latest offering from Xiaomi.

The Xiaomi Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo finally go global with their ergonomic and clean looks. The duo connects to your laptop or desktop via a single wireless nano receiver with 2.4GHz speeds, which should offer a reliable and stable signal with minimal interference.


For the keyboard, we are treated with a 103-key full-size, three-zone design. It has 12 FN keys for shortcuts. Plus, cylindrical keycaps for better comfort on every press.

The characters have been laser-engraved and are wear-resistant. For better ergonomics, the keyboard has a 6-degree tilt angle so you can type more comfortably.


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Meanwhile, the mouse has a lightweight design and runs on an AAA battery. Besides the optimized power consumption, it also has a power switch so you know you’re actually saving battery. If you forgot to switch it off, it has an auto sleep mode to conserve power. A low battery indicator is also included, so you know you need to purchase a new battery when the lights turn orange.

It also features a precision sensor and a center scroll wheel. A pretty basic setup and it’s all you’d ever need most of the time.



The Xiaomi Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo will be available soon with the price yet to be announced.

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