What if you combine a group of people from PlayStation and a company renowned for making controllers for the iPhone? What do you get? A controller looking like a PlayStation controller for iPhones.

Conspicuously inspired by the DualSense controller’s design, the Backbone One PlayStation Edition has the semblance of the simple yet clean aesthetics, including the color scheme, of the original PS5 controller.

But this particular version of the Backbone One controller, importantly, serves the purpose of mimicking the DualSense controller when used with the Remote Play app on an iPhone device. Remote Play is an application that allows users to play their favorite PS4 or PS5 games on platforms aside from the original console they run on.


Yet, they do not need to limit themselves to the PlayStation experience to enjoy their iPhone as a gaming device with the gamepad as the Backbone One PlayStation Edition also works as a peripheral to App Store games, as well.

Initially, the release of the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition will be limited only to select countries. Namely, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States. But it will also become more widely available to other countries soon.

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