Checking the battery status of the Bluetooth devices connected on your iPhone is really important.

Instead of monitoring your earphones, smartwatch, wireless speaker, or keyboard one by one, checking their battery life on your iPhone is much easier as it gives you a consolidated look. This will allow you to easily see which device needs charging before you head out for work, school, or to hang out.


Thankfully, part of the many new features that the new iOS 14 update has is to give you a more convenient outlook of your accessories’ battery life. But first, make sure your iPhone is compatible with the latest update.

In previous versions, you can swipe on the far left of the home screen to access the Today View section, which gives you a list of connected devices and their battery life. But with the introduction of Widgets on iOS 14, we’re given a more customizable and visually-appealing view.


Here are two methods that will help you check the battery status of Bluetooth devices connected to your iPhone.

Method 1: See Bluetooth device battery status on the Control Center

Step 1: The only step in this method. Simply launch the Control Center, which you can do by swiping from the bottom if you’re using an iPhone with TouchID (iPhone 8, SE 2020, etc.); or, swipe down from the top right of the screen if you’re on an iPhone with FaceID (iPhone X, XR, 11, etc). Unfortunately, it seems to only work on select devices.


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Method 2: See Bluetooth device battery status on Home Screen or Today View

Step 1: This method is for iOS 14 version only, as the iOS 13 and older already displays the battery status out of the box and doesn’t have the Widgets feature. Now, the first step is to unlock your phone and go to the Home Screen or Today View.

Home Screen | Today View

Step 2: Tap and hold any of the widgets and tap Edit Home Screen.


Step 3: Tab the + icon on on the top left of the screen.


Step 4: Scroll down until you see Batteries and tap it.


Step 5: From here you can pick Battery widget styles. There’s a compact 4×4 layout that only shows the battery level and icon, a 4×1 that shows battery percentage, and lastly, a more detailed list view that shows everything — the icon, percentage, and the device name. All styles also display your iPhone’s battery charge.


Step 6: Once you made your choice, you can place it anywhere on the Home Screen or Today View. You can choose one, two, or have all three styles placed in different parts of the desktop.


Well, that’s it. As you can see, iOS 14 allows users to easily check the battery status of almost every wireless accessories you connect on their iPhones.

We say “almost” because we tried connecting our Keychron K2 wireless keyboard and it didn’t show up on the battery widget. A similar problem might occur on other less-popular accessories, but nothing a software update should fix this in the future.

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  1. Thank you very much for the tutorial. Now I can see the Anker S3 Conference speaker battery status on my iPhone 13 ProMax battery widget while the Bluetooth connection is operating.