Ah, nothing beats nostalgia but with classic shows we grew up with. Good news for anime fans, because ‘Ghost Fighter’ has arrived in Netflix Philippines today, June 26.

That’s correct! What seems to be a rumor before has now been confirmed that a childhood anime is coming to the popular streaming platform in a few days time. 

Ghost Fighter is a ‘90s classic which follows its male protagonist, Yusuke—commonly known to the Filipino audience by his English name “Eugene”—who died in an accident when he tried saving a child. This act of goodness permitted him redemption by becoming a “spirit world detective”. 

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Now, Eugene continues to defend humanity from demons with his special ability, called the ‘Rei Gun’. 

Beloved not just by children who grew up in the ‘90s, but also achieving popularity with audiences even today, Ghost Fighter coming to Netflix is definitely a delight. 

Now we can rewatch our favorite Ghost Fighter moments, as well as give an opportunity to the generation of today to watch a good, old anime classic.

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