Filipinos take pride when they see a representation of their culture on media and entertainment channels. Well, I’ll give another reason for Filipinos to be proud of: ‘Percy Jackson’ series publisher, Disney Hyperion, is set to release content on mythological creatures from the Philippines. The said graphic novel will be entitled Highsummer.

The flag is raised by Filipino author and illustrator, Tori Tadiar. The trilogy will focus on Mika, a 12-year-old student at Ilustra Junior High School. To erase a curse she unwittingly set on her students, she wakes ancient gods and a sun-devouring monster. Mika must work with her bullies to save humanity.

Teo, a member of the choir, Halle, a member of the varsity team, and Raha, their instructor, are all characters in Highsummer.

According to the concept artwork, the school is subdivided into four distinct courses, each of which has its own unique uniform that draws inspiration from regionally significant apparel, such as the barong Tagalog and Indigenous garb.


It is anticipated that the first book will be published sometime in 2024. Tadiar is also the creator of works that have received critical recognition, such as the fantasy graphic novels “Sagala” and “Twinkle, Twinkle,” the latter of which was a finalist in the Official Selection category of the first Philippine International Comics Festival.

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