It is difficult to say that one cannot live with modern technology especially when they work side-by-side with humans. We are, after all, in the Digital Age; almost anything can be done with just a press of a button.

Needless to say, technology has made man’s life easier. Even toddlers could tinker with smartphones and tablets nowadays. Children rarely play outside; instead, they are cooped up at home or in computer shops playing with gadgets

Just like all things, however, there is a balance between the good and the bad. Technology is no exception as it thrives among humankind’s daily activities. Just how good or bad can technology be for humanity?

Positive effects of technology to children


#1 Boosts children’s learning capabilities

The present-day we live on what is dubbed as the ‘Digital Age’ for a reason. Everywhere you go, there is always the presence of technology. This means that places like schools use them too to aid instructors/teachers to interact with their students.

Children are attracted towards visual presentations, and it’s something that could easily be catered through the use of computers, smartphones, or tablets. It’s also a great teaching method which allows children to interact with technology.

It not just keeps their interests, but it also permits children to discover what the digital world has in store for their generation with just a few clicks.

#2 It improves analytical skills

This is usually reflected when it comes to playing video games. Most of the time, games challenge its players to survive a variety of situations. It works like a puzzle kids have to discover and solve so they could surpass different trials.

Games range from simulation to build-your-own-world for the young to explore their creativity and problem-solving capabilities. A children’s playlist in Youtube could also give them abundant knowledge aimed for their age.

It also teaches children the value of patience and self-control. And importantly, the attitude of not giving up when they cannot figure out something or avoiding sudden outbursts when they are in a difficult situation.

The kinds of games and videos they watch, however, should also be monitored. There are also genres which focuses on violence or other hazardous content not suitable for children.

Keep their tablets or your smartphones in kids’ mode if possible before letting children get a hold of it.

#3 It still allows children to socialize

The beauty of technology is that it allows you to meet and interact with different people online.

When children play online games, they are also being exposed to different players within the community. It allows them to express themselves towards other children through chat systems, which may enhance their confidence when making new friends.

Such online platforms include Club Penguin which ensures a child-friendly environment while kids explore different areas of the game.

#4 Trains new technological leaders

Let’s face it: we are taking a step towards the future with technological advancements leading the way. We are now in a period where universities even offer classes in Robotics or Drone Driving.

One way or another, this generation will see the rise of future technological Leaders who would lead their country’s growth when it comes to working with machinery.

We cannot ignore that technology is not just a form of entertainment, but a point of interest to study. The more kids learn how to harness modern-day machines, the more it becomes easier for the world to discover new things.

#5 It promotes family bond and awareness

Contrary to what most people would say that children would ignore their familial duties, it still promotes family quality time.

The family can spend their free time with their children through the games they play or videos they watch. Vis-à-vis, parents could monitor their children’s web activity and control their screen time.

It is also a way for parents to understand what young people are into these days, therefore promoting an open communication as well as close supervision.

But while there’s a good side, there are bad consequences as well when not properly monitored.

Negative effects of technology to children


#1 We become too reliant

The best word to describe the world today would probably be automatic.

Everything could be done in an instant. It’s almost like we only need to input instructions, and the machines would do the rest. The internet has the power to answer almost every inquiry we could think of, and there are plenty of platforms for entertainment.

This is when we lean towards the attitude of laziness, reliance, and even expectations. It’s this mindset that ‘technology can solve anything’, but sometimes even that could prove useless too. The world lives side by side with different gadgets that a simple malfunction may change the course of activities throughout the day.

#2 There is a tendency towards violence

It’s not only our physical health which deteriorates from too much screen time, but as well as our behavior.

This can be observed with the young—most especially children—as they tend to imitate what they see on screen. Of course, such rash behavior is not exhibited only by the young, but with people of all ages.

Technology may give us the ability to do things with ease, but there are times when they don’t work. Take for example when you are experiencing delays with the Wi-Fi connection. Impatience starts to creep in, and you begin to feel restless—some to the point of wanting to harm their gadgets.

We may not notice it because “everyone else would feel the same”, but we are leaning towards a sense of destruction—pounding on keyboards, swearing when losing a game, or even blaming others when technology doesn’t do its purpose.

#3 There is room for social insecurity

One of the benefits of technology is that it allows us to communicate with other people. Yet too much good can be bad, right?

While it is good for humanity to be able to socialize with different people, it is also a platform for many to feel insecure. Social media can do wonders of lifting people, but also making them feel conscious about themselves and their surroundings.

It is this kind of anxiety brought about by comparing and competing oneself to what we see online. This could further lead to emotional strain when there is a feeling of being ‘left-out’ or ‘not enough’.

The world is ever changing, and technology is always there as a witness.


#4 Children are prone to addiction

You have probably heard of parents scolding their children, telling them they look like “zombies” or “robots” because of spending too much time with gadgets.

It may be a funny line, but there is a semblance of truth in it. The more children are glued to their phones or video game consoles, the more they tend to ignore the things around them.

This does not apply only for children, but to everyone. We focus too much on our gadgets that we fail to notice the real situations going on outside the screen.

In a sense, we become ‘slaves’ towards technology when we should be practicing control.

#5 We forget the word ‘priority’

Have you experienced not being able to accomplish your tasks because you’ve been on your phone for a long period of time?

It happens quite a lot: students forget to study, children lack sleep, even adults let time pass through browsing their social media for updates. An essential attitude is at stake: lack of priority.

We may have countless of plans for the day, but once we get hooked on gadgets, the temptation to stay is just too hard to ignore.

It may start out subtle, but the way we make use of modern-day technology can be a difference between what is healthy and harmful. Although it is a wonderful gift for humanity’s advancement, it must be accepted with care and control.

That’s it for now. Did we miss anything? If you have suggestions, let us know in the comments section and then we’ll add them up here.

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