Medal-earning Filipino participants of the Southeast Asian Games are in for a large sum of money, coming directly from the treasury of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC).

Under the Republic Act (RA) No. 10699, otherwise referred to as the “National Athletes and Coaches Incentives and Benefits Act,” any athlete who wins the Philippines a medal is eligible for a cash incentive, commensurate to the feat.

For instance, a gold medalist is entitled to receive Php300,000 for every gold medal won. It essentially suggests that an athlete can be a competitor in multiple sports and be a recipient of stacking rewards if they win multiple medals from different events.

On the other hand, Silver and Bronze medalists are eligible recipients of Php150,000 and Php60,000 cash, respectively.

MedalCash Incentive

Cash incentive for SEA Games athletes in teams

Participants who work as a team, such as Sibol, are also benefactors of the same law, though will be paid differently, depending on the number of athletes in the group.

For a team that has four or fewer people in it, they are subject to the same conditions and merits as that of an individual athlete. However, for teams that have five or more participants, each athlete is only entitled to a quarter or 25% of what an individual athlete receives.

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Filipino SEA Games athletes bonuses

Additionally, any athlete who demonstrated exemplary performance, such as in the case of beating existing records, is also subject to cash incentives, depending on the discretion of the PSC.

While medal earners already have a good amount of money to receive as a result of their accomplishment, it only serves as a baseline of the total of what they could be honored with.

At least by the current administration’s tradition, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is known to be generous in handing out further monetary rewards on top of what the law dictates.

SEA Games medalists coach and trainers reward

As RA10699 also encompasses coaches of medal-winning athletes, the law also mandates that such trainers be a recipient of 50% of the amount that the coached and winning athlete receives.

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