The Filipino youth are getting hooked on video-related entertainment as applications TikTok and YouTube lead mobile app usage among kids in the first quarter of 2022, according to Kaspersky.

Drawing from an anonymized pool of information, the renowned international cybersecurity digital privacy and cybersecurity company has examined existing behaviors with regard to Android application usage, search queries, and web categories, which established that young Filipinos were into the following:

1. YouTube, 26.46 percent

2. TikTok, 16.75 percent

3. Facebook Messenger, 16.07 percent

4. Roblox, 13.67 percent

5. Facebook, 9.11 percent

Out of the criteria used to judge the event, Kaspersky argues that the children’s search activity serves as the “best indicator of their interests.”

While they are described as “enthusiastic explorers of the digital world,” Kaspersky’s Managing Director for Asia Sandra Lee promotes the idea of parents spending time with their kids into molding them to become “responsible and safe digital citizens”.

Making for a noteworthy inclusion in the list are also applications such as Google Chrome (6.39 percent), YouTube Kids (3.54 percent), Netflix (3.08 percent), Call of Duty (2.56 percent), and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (2.37 percent).

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