If you’re the type of person who views the hit-phenomenon game, Roblox, as just “for kids”, then read on by all means. Or maybe you’re equally curious as to what is this ‘Roblox’ that kids these days have been screaming about and even spending precious Robux on.

Let’s step back a little: Roblox is an online game that is accessible on PC, Mac, mobile and even on Xbox platforms. On top of merely playing games, Roblox also allows players to unleash their creative juices with its game creation feature.

Yes, that’s right. What was created in early 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel and officially released in the year 2006, has now become a worldwide success not only for children—but even for adults. Ever since the health crisis struck the world, Roblox’s growth has significantly shot up as players of all ages spent their time playing on the platform.

Here are five reasons why Roblox has taken kids and adults by storm:

1. Roblox offers tons of different games

I did mention that Roblox works as both an application that allows you to produce games and play other people’s created games. So, there are hundreds of game servers available the moment you create your account on Roblox; from roleplays, to tycoons, to horror games, and even games inspired by popular shows such as Squid Game.


There is no shortage of games depending on the kind of genre you’re into, because there’s always more to discover. With players developing content to grow Roblox, there will always be a game to cater to both kids and adults alike.

If you are patient or curious enough, there will eventually be a Roblox server that you will be hooked into visiting during your free time.

2. Roblox does not limit itself to kid’s games

We may have this notion that just by looking at the game’s graphics or the majority of the players it receives, we can pass judgment that it’s merely for children’s entertainment. However, following the fact that Roblox has tons of servers prove that there’s more Roblox has to offer than what meets the eye.

In fact, there are horror servers that are filled with jump scares which may traumatize young players or possibly give them nightmares for those that are easily affected by horror scenes.

Despite the fact that when a Roblox character ‘dies’ and leaves the avatar in a mutilated-Lego-like appearance, the game does not adhere to violence or anything too graphic and gory. So, there’s no need to worry about children running into any servers that are inappropriate for them.

3. Roblox is a way to relax after a long day

If Roblox is being dubbed as a “childish game”, then it’s the perfect game for adults to spend their time remembering what it is like to be a child and to de-stress after a long day. After all, involving ourselves in the world of children allows us to forget our dilemmas even temporarily, right?


Some of Roblox’s servers are simply relaxing such as the idle tycoon worlds or even pet simulator games that… well… simply asks you to walk around the server as a dog or a cat. The point is: Roblox is a go-to whenever you want to escape reality for a bit.

Most of the time, you interact with kids virtually, but it’s also comforting to know that there are grown-ups who share your enthusiasm for such types of games. You can always find new friends in Roblox, albeit virtually. Just remember to always be polite and never give away personal information because there are scammers everywhere.

4. Roblox is a place where you can be yourself

When you create an account on Roblox, you also unlock the opportunity to customize your avatar. At first, you start with the default avatar, which you can switch to either male or female. You may also equip the free outfits that are readily available once you’ve created an account.

However, that’s when the in-game currency—called ‘Robux’—comes in because you can spend real-life money to purchase more outfits and accessories to customize your avatar further. Don’t worry, the game doesn’t ask for much, and you’re not required to have an overly-designed avatar to enjoy any of the games.

You can use Robux to enhance your gaming experience, but players seem to be more invested in using their money in customizing their avatars. With that said, it’s really a way of expressing yourself through the many unlockable items within the world of Roblox. You may also check your character settings to see if there are freebies once in a while.


5. Roblox is a new way to bond with your family and friends

We cannot emphasize enough the fact that kids these days are more online-adept in a sense that they easily make friends virtually on top of being knowledgeable about handling mobile phones, PCs, and various gaming consoles.

Even though we have introduced to this generation the idea of playing outdoors and socializing in-person, at the end of the day we can’t help but check what the kids are doing nowadays and get involved in their activities.

Roblox is such a family-friendly game that old people can accompany their children in trying out various servers and bonding in the process. It can also be an open avenue for adults to help children bring the best of their creativity by guiding them when they want to try their hand in creating a server of their own.

Roblox helped changed how gaming is viewed

One of the arguments when it comes to gaming is that it’s child’s-play, and somewhere out there an adult may be heard saying, “aren’t you too old to play that game?”

Roblox is perhaps one of the games that helps in correcting this perspective that online games are childish past times. It proves that sometimes, adults also need a space where they can think and act like children without compromising their responsibilities once they return to reality.

With Roblox, old people can understand what it means to be a child once more, but at the same time, children can enter various servers that may also help them understand what grown-ups do, albeit a safe space for them to explore.

Roblox Games for Adults


1. Restaurant Tycoon 2 The goal is to improve your restaurant by earning in-game currency; it’s a fun restaurant-/cafe-themed server with endless hours of cooking and designing your restaurant.


2. Natural Disaster Survival This is a survival game kids and adults alike will definitely enjoy. It involves getting thrown into a random map and surviving natural phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis etc.


3. Squid Game: The Game Ah, yes, the infamous Korean thriller has entered Roblox and allows players to experience the games the show highlighted. Complete with the tracksuit and the rare opportunity to play the role of the guards to gun down players, this one is a hit within the community.


4. The Mimic this is one of the popular horror games on Roblox that kids are gathering their courage to play. Fortunately, it allows you to team up with other players to play the game well. The Mimic is loosely based on Japanese urban legends.

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