We don’t need to search far for a proof that technology has made a global impact. In fact, machines and humans now work side by side to accomplish feats faster than ever before. The Philippines is no stranger to technology, and it seems like tech-related jobs has even become on-demand in the country.

It is perceived that the national digital economy is expected to have a worth of USD 25 billion (PHP 1.27 trillion) within a span of 5 years until 2025. E-commerce is expected to receive a share of USD 12 billion (PHP 610.4 billion), with online travel services getting a portion worth USD 5 billion (PHP 254.4 billion).

In the Philippines, the best jobs Filipinos aim for are those which focuses on their growth or growth potential. Linkedin reported the top 10 jobs which shows the best yearly promise. Their list includes the following:

Popular technology jobs in PH with high salary

1. Robotics Engineer

Important for customer experience and revenue growth, especially now that automation and bots are expected to possibly impact the future in another level.

2. Cyber Security Specialist

They ensure the safety of online users, to protect vital (and personal) information from cybercrime attacks and/or viruses.

3. Customer Success Specialist

Their goal is to understand the needs of their clients. Those who plan to apply for this kind of job need not only be aware of technology but should possess both soft and hard kind of skills.

4. Data Scientist

This job requires the Data Scientist to seek out today’s top trending topics even before they get revealed in public. It requires them to analyze data and give their feedback among other things.

5. Sales Development Representative

This kind of job handles customers and potential customers. They work closely with the Philippines Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector.


6. Full Stack Engineer

If you are the kind of person who can ensure to see a project through and has knowledge in software development skills in the front and back-end, a Full Stack Engineer may be a possible path to take.

7. DevOps Engineer

They deliver new software, services, and applications to industries, but they are also responsible for creating new software.

8. Data Engineer

Unlike Data Scientists, Data Engineers are responsible for building, testing, and maintaining data systems.

9. Javascript Developer

This job is for those who are able to move in both front and back-end work; developers are required to build and implement front-end logic which is vital for the visual aspects of platforms.

10. Cloud Engineer

As the cloud system develops in our time, so does the demand for this job. These engineers work with the designing, planning, managing, maintenance, and support of cloud systems.

These jobs define the future, and if we are to expect the Philippines to advance, then these kinds of fields should definitely be taken into considerations by those looking for employment and wants to put their knowledge in technology to professional heights.

What do you think of these emerging tech-related jobs in the Philippines? Do you think we’re ready to cater such job descriptions? Let us know your opinions on the comment section below.

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  1. In fact, these specialists are needed all over the world. Now every project needs a great full stack engineer or DevOps engineer. After all, DevOps will be able to build the right architecture, choose a good cloud solution that will work effectively within the business. A good full stack engineer can build a strong product