Alienware, a brand popularly known for its high-end gaming laptops, might be entering the handheld gaming market as well.

Alienware’s Concept UFO is their take on portable gaming and it also looks like a Nintendo Switch clone — but what differentiates the Concept UFO with the Nintendo Switch?

Well, the Alienware Concept UFO is actually a full Windows 10 gaming PC that is fitted on a smaller body similar to the form of the Nintendo Switch. It also has an 8-inch head unit screen with a 1200p display, two controllers similar to the Joy-Con and a controller adaptor that combines the two controllers into one.

Photography by Becca Farsace / The Verge

Like most electronic devices these days, Alienware Concept UFO also has USB-C Ports to charge the device and connect it to your Television. Since it is a Windows 10 rig, it is said that you can also connect a mouse and keyboard to use it as a PC.

This could be a game changer for the future of gaming as we might be able to play our favorite and exclusive PC and Console games handheld soon.

With the Nintendo Switch, the game choices are somewhat limited compared to the vast library of Console and PC Games available for porting.

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Photography by Becca Farsace / The Verge

The Nintendo Switch’s adaptation of popular console games such as The Witcher 3, Overwatch and Skyrim was a step in the right direction but this is where they lose out should the Concept UFO hits the open market.

As of now, there’s no confirmation yet whether Alienware Concept UFO will make it as an actual product but it provides us a glimpse of what the gaming world could be in the future and we’re all excited for it.

Source: The Verge

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