The Indian CounterStrike Global Offensive scene has found itself embroiled in another cheating fiasco. CS:GO Player Bubun “The Guru” Panday was outed by a fellow CS:GO pro player named Gurtej “ProuD” Singh for apparently cheating in a lengthy Facebook post.


In the screenshots above, “The Guru” was apparently giving out step by step instructions on how to use the hacks. He was explaining how to switch on the cheat file by linking it with a file named “vibrance.gui”, which pro players use to increase the game’s brightness.

The file is legitimately used by various pro players, which could be the reason why the hack was hard to be caught.

Panday also sent a message explaining how the hack came with a panic key that’ll disable all the cheating commands and will only be re-enabled by pressing certain keys in the chat window. It looks like he planned this thoroughly.

If that news isn’t enough, Bubun “The Guru” Panday is also the captain of an Indian CS:GO team named SRA (Slaughter Rage Army). This is huge news since the SRA team is prominently known in India and it could also imply that the other members of the team was hacking. Let’s hope not.

SRA’s recent accomplishments were being 3rd place at the ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND Offline Indian Qualifiers at LXG and 2nd place at the ESL INDIA Fall Season Finals. Could all of these victories be tainted?

Back in October, Nikhil ‘Forsaken’ Kumawat, a member of OpTic India’s then CS:GO team; got a 5-year ban after being caught cheating during the Extremesland Asia Finals.

As of now, nothing has been confirmed yet and all of these are just allegations. But the proof provided by Gurtej “ProuD” Singh might prove it to be otherwise.

Source: Fox Sports Asia

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