Apex Legends mobile is coming this 2020


PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and its subsequent ilk have been put at the edge of their seat when the word goes around that a new battle royale game from EA is in the works. 

Fast forward to its release, the Apex Legends received fanfare and left the crowd amazed at the game’s presentation of gameplay and design—some putting it at a greater disposition than some of the titles it’s competing against.

While subsequent reception about the game has been varied across multiple platforms, it did not dissuade EA or the game’s developer, Respawn Entertainment, in pushing for the game.

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In a recently held investor’s call, EA’s chief executive Andrew Wilson claims that the beloved battle royale game is slated for a mobile release.

The news comes hardly surprising considering the fact that Apex Legends was also previously announced as being in the works for a Nintendo Switch port. 


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