Say goodbye to your online Chinese gamer friends. People in China soon will neither be able to play nor chat with foreigners anymore as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is drafting new laws to forbid such interactions. 

Online games are a problem to the CCP because of the perceived “authority vacuum;” the lack of regulation in games allows players to socialize and express their thoughts without fear of being monitored.


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The new laws in China will reinforce online censorship to include video games. Besides social interactions, these laws will also ban common video game features such as zombies, plagues, map editing, and roleplaying. Even single-player online games will be monitored.

The CCP readily bans anything to silence dissent and criticisms against their regime. Recently, popular life-simulator Animal Crossing: New Horizons was banned in the country after a Hong Kong activist mocked Chinese president Xi Jinping and showed an in-game, custom protest art stating “Free Hong Kong, Revolution Now.”

Via: Taiwan News

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