Did you hear? There’s a global shortage of the Nintendo Switch. But for a certain gamer-slash-hobbyist, that isn’t a problem since you can build the gaming console yourself out of spare parts.

Before you can start building, you’ll need to visit resellers, Chinese manufacturers and auction websites to acquire the spare parts.

The list of parts you’ll need is exhaustive. It includes cables, touch screen components, the Wi-Fi module, and the most expensive of all: the logic board motherboard. Imgur user Sarbaaz37 got all the parts and built a Nintendo Switch for only $199.


Should you dare follow his footsteps, know that do-it-yourself (DIY) projects such as this can be tedious and unforgiving. One slip of the hand and you might end up doing the whole thing all over again, or worse. You’ll need the right tools, too. And expect some accidents, which means additional costs for the damages and replacements. If you’re not really up to the task, it’s probably better to just buy a Nintendo Switch off the shelf.

The whole build process of the DIY Nintendo Switch can be found here.

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