It looks like we’re finally seeing more evidence of the Grand Theft Auto 6.

Just last week, there were reports circulating that Rockstar Games has only started writing the much-awaited GTA 6 and that it will be a moderately-sized release compared to the GTA V and other games that the developer have put out.


But apparently, that’s not the case. This latest information came from Chris Liberty, the guy who leaked that Dan Houser, a Rockstar Games executive and one of the brains behind the GTA and Red Dead series, was leaving the company before it’s been officially announced. That should give us the confidence to hear any details coming from him.

Going back, Chris’s sources are saying that GTA 6 has been in pre-production since 2014. A previous claim from a popular insider backs up this claim.


Chris also contradicted the previous reports that the GTA 6 will have a moderately-sized map and in fact will feature a large one.

This is probably the most acceptable GTA 6 leak there is. Over the years, we’ve seen tons of leaks that claim to be factual. From people suggesting that all GTA maps, from San Andreas, Vice City, and Liberty City, will be stitched together to form a single giant one — to the game being set in the 80’s Brazil, with a Narco-style storyline. Albeit, we’re not dismissing their possibility.


Although GTA 6 has already entered pre-production, we don’t expect it to arrive in at least a couple more years. Rockstar Game’s open-world titles are some of the most detailed and intricate environments in the industry, which take years to accomplish.

And with the Red Dead Redemption 2 only a year old, and tons of new updates are still coming in on GTA V online — Rockstar Games are giving its fans a lot of distractions while they wait for Grand Theft Auto 6, or whatever they might end up calling it.

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