Under the suspicion of match-fixing during the OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division, organizer Weplay! is conducting an investigation over Cignal Ultra and Execration.

In a tweet via its official Twitter page, @WePlayDota2_, Weplay! cites how they have detected occasions during the event that “may indicate the dishonest nature of the match.”


Taken place on August 9, 2020, the match sees Execration winning over Cignal Ultra, 2-1. First by Execration winning the first round, then Cignal Ultra winning the second, and then finally, the former overcoming the latter and subsequently becoming the winner of the match.

Overall, Cignal Ultra has lost all three matchups in the group stage of the tournament.


Speaking to AFK Gaming regarding the issue, Execration coach, Kimuel “Kim0” Rodis responded by stating, “I don’t even know the reason for why we got this kind of suspicion. Our team has nothing to do with it. Since it has been a suspicion, we can’t tell you anything about it.”

Participants of the OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division competes against a prize pool of $40,000 and was slated to take place between August 1 and August 22, 2020. An overall 12 teams will compete in the event, hailing from countries across Southeast Asia and China.

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