The DOTA 2 Summer update is here, and it comes with a slew of changes that make the MOBA experience better than ever before.

From an improved inventory system to more cosmetics and upgraded graphics to a better reporting system, the Summer update offers plenty of improvements to the longstanding game.

First among the changes is the new armory system, which now lets users sort their armory according to the hero. The revamped system reduces the clutter that often comes with being shown the entire roster. More importantly, it simplifies the experimentation with mixing and matching of items.

The inventory is also significantly cleaner now, with duplicates no longer appearing as such. Instead, they are now taking the same slot as another similar item. For those looking to sell items, the system also made the process easier by allowing users to select multiple items and sort them according to price.


Those looking to add to their collection will not be disappointed as well, as the Summer update introduces new costumes. A total of 16 heroes are getting a new set, including rare sets made especially for Snapfire, Marci, and Anti-Mage’s Wei persona.

The entire DOTA 2 community is known for its share of good and toxic players. For this reason, a reputation system is in place that either enforces more encounters with a player or discourages it between players. For instance, a player can Commend another if they prefer to get more engaged with them or they can Dislike them for the complete opposite.

Players that are simply toxic can now be reported based on six different types of toxicity—Toxic Voice, Toxic Chat, Smurfing, Cheating, Griefing, and Role Abuse. Unlike previously when reporting is constrained to particular periods, players can now report at any time.

Reported chats that undergo analysis in “real-time” could easily cause the reported player to lose voice and text chat privileges. Players who made the report successfully will also be given almost near-instantaneous feedback, with notification commensurate to the report.

Behavior score is now separated into two—a distinct behavior score and a communication score—with a cap put at 12,000. For example, players will need 3000 behavior points to play ranked or 5000 points to pause in-game.

Lastly, there are general visual upgrades, which give DOTA 2 particle lighting, tone mapping, and better shadows.

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