Do you like playing video games competitively? Do you see it as a full-time profession? Then you might want to invest and move to Japan to enroll in the upcoming Esports High School.

School starts this April for Japan’s first Esports High School. Classes will open along with other junior high school institutions. The school will be locally called Esports Koutou Gakuin.


The said institution is backed by Japan’s NTT telecom and Esports team owned by Tokyo Verdy, which is also a professional Japanese soccer team.

It will be located in Shibuya, a modern area in Tokyo. As expected, the facility will have a pretty cool-looking interior with a very gamer-y layout and fancy equipment.


Students will get to use 40 units of Galleria XA7C-R37 gaming computers powered by an Intel Core i7-11700 CPUs and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 graphics cards. The exact game titles that will be taught were not mentioned, but they did say they will cover categories such as third-person shooters, FPS, RTS, and MOBA.

As for the teachers, the institution hired esports players and industry people to share their expertise and talents with the students.


More than games, the Esports school will also teach regular Japanese high school curriculum. They will also offer individual study programs for students that are struggling with standard instruction.

The curriculum will not only build future esports players. As per the website, graduates can venture into fields like 3DCG designing, game writing, VR creation, game designing, programming, and special effects creations.


They will then hold an open campus in January. The price for the enrollment fee is yet to be announced.

Here in the Philippines, Tier One Entertainment and Lyceum University have also launched a similar curriculum for those who want a full-time profession in the gaming field.

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