Converge ICT used very small aperture terminals (VSAT) satellites in Siargao after the typhoon Odette hit the area to help the island have an emergency internet connection.

The move was done in partnership with the Municipality of Dapa. The said VSAT terminals helped gear up the command center and will also give support to the local government’s disaster response and recovery. The connectivity will also boost and improve the coordination for the deployment of relief goods and other services.


In a statement, Converge CEO Dennis Anthony Uy said that their teams immediately went to the ground zero of Siargao to help set up the satellite equipment to assist the local government.

He added that internet connectivity can “spell the difference between life and death” during such times as people heavily rely on it as a mode of communication and organize all required efforts.

Long before, VSATs are being used to provide internet services to far-flung areas in the Philippines, especially in islands. The fact that it doesn’t use wires and cables to be connected on the main internet infrastructure means it’s much easier to deploy and put up.

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  1. Trivia: Smart sells satellite phones and load for them, the operate on a good VSAT network and the phones themselves are good and fairly priced. Question: Why aren’t these more widely deployed? They even make really small hotspot VSAT terminals that allow you to choose an APN that strips or optimizes image sizes depending on your preference. I don’t know about this typhoon personally, but last year I knew people who were out of touch for weeks, and that just isn’t necessary. They don’t have to buy from Smart, the place they’re getting the phones sells service itself. It’s just thuraya..