Right in time for Christmas, Converge ICT announced that it will be giving its FiberX customers up to 600Mbps additional speed upgrades for free.

Converge FiberX users can get an up to 600Mbps speed increase from their current plans — all while having the same monthly price, no additional charges. The biggest gainer is the Plan 3500, which is now much faster with up to 800Mbps speeds from 200Mbps. The rest are listed below.

PlanPrevious SpeedFree Upgraded Speed
FiberX Plan 150035Mbpsup to 50Mbps
FiberXPlan 2500100Mbpsup to 300Mbps
FiberX Plan 3500200Mbpsup to 800Mbps
Fiber Xtra 150045Mbps60Mbps

The telco giant is also upgrading its FiberX Time of Day plans with new prices and speed increases. For those who are unfamiliar, this plan allots faster speeds at a specific time of the day that you need it most, with the slower speed at non-peak hours to help you have money.

Old PlanNew Plan
Time of Day Plan 1899
up to 70Mbps (day) / 35Mbps (night)
up to 70Mbps (night) / 35Mbps (day)
Time of Day Plan 2000
up to 200Mbps (day) / 100Mbps (night)
up to 100Mbps (day) / 200Mbps (night)
Time of Day Plan 2799
up to 200Mbps (day) / 100Mbps (night)
up to 100Mbps (day) / 200Mbps (night)
Time of Day Plan 3000
up to 600Mbps (day) / 300Mbps (night)
up to 600Mbps (night) / 300Mbps (day)

Existing Converge FiberX subscribers can update their accounts here. Meanwhile, those who plan on being new subscribers can apply here. Bear in mind that all the aforementioned plans have a 14-month lock-in period.

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