A majority of the Filipino Generation Z youth—or 56 percent of Gen Zs—are finding solace in playing video games amid the anxiety and stress of daily living, per a study by a media and marketing platform, TotallyAwesome.

Described as a “youth-first” media and marketing firm, TotallyAwesome launched the Youth-first Digital Insights for 2023 on Wednesday, Aug. 16, highlighting the influence of gaming on the mental state of the youth within the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Among Southeast Asian nations, Vietnam topped the list with 60 percent of its Gen Z youth opting to play games to relieve anxiety and stress. Meanwhile, both the Philippines and Malaysia tied for the second spot.

TotallyAwesome Executive Chairman William Amnstee said that today’s young generation is looking at gaming as a special space for bonding, a place where they forge a sense of community and express themselves.

“Gaming is no longer just gaming—it’s their new social,” he added.

At an age where the majority have a mobile device in the palm of their hands, mobile video games unsurprisingly were the preferred entertainment of choice among 63 percent of these young generations.

Apart from mobile games, online video games are a second favorite at 61 percent while 18 percent choose to game on home consoles.

Some 10 percent of the respondents appear disinterested in video games, while one percent prefer to be entertained via other means.

Although 69 percent of the respondents claim that they play video games to have fun, 50 percent seem to do so to feel better about themselves while 46 percent said they do so because of friends.

Gen Zs are not necessarily alone with the phenomenon, however—even Generation Alpha or the generation that follows them tend to share the same predicament.

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