Rockstar Games can be considered the Apple of the gaming industry. They give the utmost importance to the secrecy of their upcoming releases that they don’t even shoot behind-the-scenes footage or share anything until the first teaser trailer comes out.

This is why it really surprised everyone, especially die-hard fans, that a leak of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI has been leaked. And unlike the other supposedly leaks we’ve seen before, this one is reportedly real and authentic as confirmed by some sources inside Rockstar Games.

Apparently, a hacker managed to access Rockstar Games’ internal servers and stole 3GB worth of data that contains GTA VI photos, footage, and source code.

Being one of the biggest in gaming history, the data widely circulated online immediately, which will be a massive problem for the developers at Rockstar Games.

The leak includes 90 videos of the pre-alpha version of the game as well as the source code. It was posted on the GTAforums website but has since then been taken down. However, a lot of it have already spread in different platforms, including one from Twitter, which you can see below:


Moreover, the culprit, which goes by the name “teapotuberhacker”, said that they were also able to steal GTA V’s closely-guarded source code. This is apparently top-secret data and is considered one of the most valuable assets that a game studio can have in its possession.

The leaks confirm some of the things we’ve already heard. One, it will feature the series’ first female lead in a Bonnie and Clyde-type scenario. Second, it appears that the setting will be in Vice City.

This sure is very devastating to the developers and all of the people that are hard-at-work in creating the game inside Rockstar Games.

To their aid, a couple of game developers showed their support to the GTA creators. One of them is Neil Druckmann, who also faced a similar incident when creating The Last of Us Part II.

Pawel Satko of Cyberpunk 2077 also empathizes with Rockstar Games via this tweet:

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