Did you ever find your gaming experience to be frustrating at times due to its “high difficulty” design? Worse, have you lost a controller or screen because of the same? Soon this seemingly rage-inducing encounter with video games will be no more, as Korean scientists are coming up with a system that will make the hobby a more satisfying involvement than a hair-tearing one.

Dubbed the “Diversifying dynamic difficulty adjustment agent by integrating player state models into Monte-Carlo tree search,” researchers from the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in Korea are looking to make a system where a video game’s difficulty adapts to the player’s performance in-game.

Using the player’s game data, the system will automatically tailor the game’s difficulty in such a way that “satisfaction” is promoted to the player, while not necessarily eradicating the challenge in it.

More specifically, there will be four elements that will set the criteria by which the system will adjust AI behavior to maximize the player’s “affective state”. Namely, Valence, Flow, Competence, and Challenge.

Apart from the dynamic difficulty adjustment (DDA)’s ability to gather data, the system will also employ actual players’ opinions by answering a questionnaire based on their experience.

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