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Harana by Parokya Ni Edgar jammed on The Last Of Us Part II

Screengrab | Pao Gregorio YouTube Channel

The Last of Us 2 have finally became available for PlayStation 4.

A successor to a blockbuster game known for its tearjerker story and intuitive gameplay, this horror/drama title is one of the highly anticipated games of the year. But one of the reasons why The Last Of Us 2 is making rounds on the internet is its guitar jamming feature.

Ellie, the game’s protagonist, carries a guitar as part of her character. But this guitar is more than just a prop as you can actually use and jam tunes with it.

We’ve seen a lot of #JamWithEllie cover songs come out all over the internet since the game was released on July 19, just a couple of days ago. But one cover caught our attention.

The YouTube video above, posted by Pao Gregorio, shows Ellie playing a rendition of the Filipino hit Harana by Parokya Ni Edgar.

Since you’d be using a controller, the strumming isn’t really spot on and you should have fast hands to switch between chords. Albeit, the melody is right there and you can definitely sing along to it.

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This is a great homage to a classic hit and a nice way to calm down while playing this intense game.

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