Xiaomi may not be filing as many patents as it did in the past, but its latest applications provide some intriguing ideas for its potential future smartphone products.

A patent application the Chinese company filed for last year has recently surfaced and describes an external rotating camera module with 360-degree support.

Pop-up Camera | Vivo V15 Pro

Similar to other pop-up and rotating camera mechanisms, Xiaomi’s external rotating camera module is intended to allow a full-screen design for the phone.

Because of its 360-degree rotation, this unique camera module can work in five different layouts. The selfie camera can, say, appear from the top or to the right side vertically. When unused, the module simply rotates to hide the selfie camera inside the rear frame.


Xiaomi also has previously filed for a patent for an under-display camera. It’ll be interesting to see which camera design will first appear in future Xiaomi phones.

Via: GizmoChina

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