It’s been several months since the first buzz about the popular MOBA, League of Legends, making its ways to mobile. Since then, a substantial amount development has taken place that gives refinement to the developing title that many have been anticipating.

Much of these recent revelations come directly from the Riot Games’ Design Lead, Brian Feeney via “/dev diary”—a sub-program from League of Legends: Wild Rift’s official YouTube channel.

Is League of Legends Mobile the same as the PC version?

Porting the champions (heroes) from the PC version of the game to the mobile is one of the challenges faced by the developers of Wild Rift. The issue primarily boils down to controls that saw a shift from keyboard and mouse to dual-stick controls on the device’s screen.

As the two platforms poses a disparity concerning the controls, the devs at Riot Games had to make adjustments that make certain heroes fit perfectly for mobile gameplay. In doing so, ensuring the faithfulness to each hero’s actual competitiveness in the battlefront.

Champion changes in LoL Wild Rift

Most notable of this change would be Annie’s Disintegrate and Miss Fortune’s Double Up that saw a transition from being points and clicks to being skill shots. Furthermore, Vayne’s Silver Bolts, a formerly passive ability would now see active components in the mobile version of the game—particularly, an attack speed-enhancing skill.

However, not all heroes require change for the mobile port, according to Feeney. The notion specifically pertains to champions like Ziggs, Orianna, and Nami that saw nothing amended from their PC renditions in the mobile game.


PC gamers might seem to not have the reason to consider testing out the mobile version. But the devs are adding a little extra to the port in the form of unique features never before seen in the game. Specifically, some champions would be receiving a tweak to their abilities that function in a manner that seems outlandish to veteran players.

For example, Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow can now be pivoted to a different linear direction once launched, significantly adding an advantage and flexibility for the hero when in combat. This was previously revealed in Wild Rift’s initial trailer.

Another noteworthy example would be Lux’s “global” treatment of her Final Spark skill, putting it into “overdrive,” which deviates substantially from the PC version of herself.

Should you download League of Legends mobile LoL Wild Rift?


Not at the moment. As of posting time, League of Legends mobile is still well underway in its development, which prompted Brian Feeney to discourage too eager players from downloading anything pertaining to the game. It points to the fact of the game having nothing to offer with its current progress and one which will likely not be getting much updates anytime soon.

While not being explicitly disclosed, it is quite certain that the issue may somehow be influenced by the ongoing pandemic, which also seems to affects the entire industry. Big and independent companies alike are seeing their creatives working at home resulting from the total lockdown induced by the virus-borne calamity.


The fear, however, is more than just not seeing the product in its full glory, but also on the possibility that such “leaked” content may contain malware that will harm users’ devices. An issue that typically arises when installing contents from unofficial sources.

League of Legends Wild Rift Release Date

Drawing from the same statement, it seems likely that we will not be seeing an official launch of the LoL Wild Rift game until later this year at the soonest.

While still, more or less, a speculation, it is safe to assume that Riot Games will make an announcement sooner than people think. Likely, after a series of open and closed beta testing which appears to be a common trend.

LoL Mobile a.k.a League of Legends Wild Rift is officially slated for release in both Android and iOS sometime this year.

League of Legends in gaming consoles

Although not yet officially confirmed on which console will the game be releasing after a successful launch on mobile, League of Legends: Wild Drift is also planned for release on gaming console. And, thus, will be showcasing a similar gameplay experience as the mobile version once released.

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  1. Really hope it will comeout as soon as positive. Best replacement for facking mobile legends. Hope dota 2 make a mobile version too. Best 5v5 moba ever.