Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has officially entered its highly-anticipated 28th season on March 25, 2023, but when does it end? And what are the things to expect in this MLBB season?

What is the Mobile Legends Season 28 end schedule?

It has been a tradition in MLBB for a season to last 90 days, which makes the Mobile Legends Season 28’s end date last until late June. This newest update meant that players could again play competitively for roughly three months and earn their place in the ranking system following a reset with the conclusion of Season 27.

Like the previous seasons, Season 28 would be uniquely remarkable for its surprises. In particular, for a new set of rewards and a new rank division. The hero, Lapu-Lapu, will be a particular highlight of the new season as he becomes the subject of an exclusive skin reward—a wanted makeover for the hero inspired by the eponymous legendary Filipino warrior of Mactan.


Adding to the surprise, a new rank division set between Mythic and Mythic Glory is also making a new entry, significantly adding a recent encounter even among experienced players.


What are the rewards for MLBB Season 28?

But there are also other skins in store for players to strive for. For instance, there are skins that players can exchange with Mythic coins, which they could gather as they work their way into the Ranked ladder. Interestingly, the skins that players could claim are also contingent on the collective wishes of voting players. However, it is worth noting that certain conditions must be met for a player to have the voting privilege—having reached the Mythic tier and earned a vote token. 

Another important consideration is the maximum amount of Mythic coins a player could win per season, which is limited to just 10. In claiming an exclusive skin, this suggests that players must at least make it to the Mythic tier in four unique seasons to reap 40 Mythic coins—which is the requirement of the fantastic cosmetic.


Apart from the skins, as mentioned above, the new season is also jampacked with many cosmetics that players can get by simply fulfilling objectives as they go through the Road to Mythic. The rewards range from profile backgrounds to Battle Points and Magic Dusts.

Whether seasoned or newcomers, competitive players certainly have something exciting going on with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s newest season. The new cosmetics and the awaiting prizes by the end of the season are undoubtedly worth shedding sweat and tears for. But, in the interim, the new division is bound to give players a unique involvement in an otherwise familiar game.

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