Whether you’re a tech nerd or not, if you’re into gaming, you’ve already heard about Ray Tracing. It’s a technology that makes lighting on games much more realistic.

We first saw it in PCs, enabled by expensive GPUs like the RTX 30 series, to next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S; now, apparently, also to the SNES from the 90s.

Engineer and game developer Ben Carter was behind this incredible feat. For it to work, he created a special mod chip that he calls SuperRT.

Technically, the device used is a Famicom, albeit it uses the same hardware. Carter removed the top plate, connected the SuperRT chips using tons of wires, and inserted a regular game cartridge. You can watch the detailed explanation below.

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So, what does this leave us? Well, nothing really. But there’s just something fascinating about old and new technology collaborating. Just like how we saw a modder port Windows 95 on an iPad Pro and play classic games like The Sims, RCT, and more.

It also gives us an alternate and refreshed look to something we’ve known and loved from the past.

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