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Lawmakers in the UK want to ban scalpers using bots


The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X keep selling out due to high demand, but we also have scalpers (and scammers) to blame on why buying the next-gen consoles from Amazon and other online retailers are presently impossible.

In response, politicians in the United Kingdom are calling for action to illegalize the reselling of consoles and computer parts that have been bought using bots.

Image Credit: u/ExoBoots on Reddit

Per the Video Games Chronicle, members of the Scottish National Party have filed a motion to write legislation that ensures consumers can easily purchase gaming consoles, computers, and peripherals at the recommended price set by the manufacturer. The motion also seeks to prohibit the use of automated software to purchase goods with the intent of reselling for profit at the expense of consumers.

According to a study, Scalpers have so far raked in more than $82 million for reselling next-gen consoles and graphics cards at ridiculously high prices through auction sites like eBay.


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