A creator of an NFT Cockfighting Game, a.k.a NFT e-sabong, was able to raise USD40 million (around Php2.1 billion) in funding. The news came after the Philippine administration announced to stop e-sabong in the country.

Dubbed as MechaFightClub, the play-to-earn robot cockfighting game led by Rahul Sood of Irreverent Labs, is aiming at NFTs to make money. The company is based in Seattle, United States.


The game should be similar to actual cockfighting or known in the Philippines as “sabong.” Only with this one, it is cruelty-free as uses virtual robot roosters.

Like Axie Infinity, Anito Legends, and other play-to-earn games, it will feature NFTs monsters in a form of chickens. It will use blockchain to confirm the uniqueness of each monster.


For players to make money, they can buy the NFT roosters, play the game to level them up, and resell them to other players at a higher price.

The game is set in 2065, a dystopian future led by extraterrestrial mechabots. When a group of people manage to gather 41,000 chicken-like mechabots, they were distributed to the people to be used as “weapons of mass entertainment.”


Sood looks at the game like Mortal Kombat mixed with Gundam Wing with a bit of South Park’s irreverent sensibility — hence the name of the company.

In fact, Sood said that “We don’t want people to take us seriously and take offense to what we’re doing. We want people to have a sense of humor.

The players’ goal is to gather, train, and battle chicken mechabots. Each monster can develop unique abilities, fighting styles, and preferences. The developers will utilize machine learning to give each NFT real-life-like characteristics and personality. This makes each and every NFT collectible unique.

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